The ReGeneration Roadtrip

After we launched the ReGeneration project in 2009 we toured the country, running 30 days of workshops involving over 750 young people. in 2011 we are back on the road getting out into the regions to connect with other motivated and passionate New Zealanders. The plan is spend a week in each region in the country, that’s 6 weeks travelling around the South Island and 9 weeks travelling around the North.

From March to July 2011, a group of 10 youth workers, film makers and entrepreneurs travelled the lenght and bredth of New Zealand, touching the lives of over 10,000 New Zealanders. They visited schools, met with community organisations, hosted weekend youth retreats and made short films about some of the amazing people they came into contact with.

The purpose of the 2011 Roadtrip project was to promote active citizenship, generosity, volunteering, social enterprise and innovation. The Roadtrip was also a wondeful opportunity for our young leaders to learn more about the amazing things that are happening around New Zealand.

The ReGeneration Roadtrip would not have been possible with out the support of many people and organisations. The ReGeneration Trust would like to acknowledge The Tindall Foundation, The Todd Foundation, The Vodafone New Zealand Foundation, The Ministry of Youth Development, The Community Trust of Southland, Inspiring Stories Trust, Southland District Council, Dunedin City Council, Marlborough District Council, Puke Ariki Museum, Waikato Regional Council, Auckland Zoo, Northland Regional Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Hawkes Bay Regional Council, and Creative Communites Wellington.

A project like this relies on a huge amount of generosity in all directions. We would also like to thank everyone around New Zealand who put us up in their homes, gave us discounts, feed us, loaned and gifted us artworks and showed around their part of the country.

Finally, the ReGeneration Trust would like to thank Guy, Iain, Jill, Josh, Rick, Saskia, Tim, and Will for being such awesome ambassadors for the future. It has been a pleasure working, travelling and learning along side each of you. We wish you every success with the exciting projects you are all working on for the rest of 2011.

Meet the Crew


Saskia Nieuwlands

Saskia is a proud fifth generation Southlander. She is a well-known professional in the youth work sector. Currently she is the Manager for the YMCA Youth Development Programme which she has helped establish over the last seven years. Saskia has served as a board member for the National Youth Workers Network, Aotearoa and has been an ambassador at the International YMCA Conference in India and a Rotary Group Study exchange representative to the UK in 2009.


Guy Ryan

At 24 Guy has directed community festivals, completed a masters, co-founded a youth-led film production company, and has won an international award for filmmaking. Now supported by The Vodafone Foundation he is launching a national youth-focused media initiative for 2011. The ReGen road trip is an integral part of his 'Inspiring Stories' project, supporting 150 young New Zealanders to produce compelling short films and stories about people in their regions.


Will Watterson

Will is the New Zealand Country Director for the Global Poverty Project - a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to invigorate the global movement to take effective concerted action on extreme poverty. Will brings to the Roady over a decade of experience in theatre, international development, campaigning, global education and youth work. He's passionate about connecting everyday Kiwis to the big global issues of our time in a way that empowers them to be part of the solution.


Jill Hayhurst

Jill is a PhD candidate at the University of Otago. She has been working with youth since she was a youth, including teaching climbing, community education work at Rape Crisis Dunedin, as a crisis phone line counsellor, guiding canoe trips, and most recently investigating youth development in schools, at events, and on sail boats. Her research focus is on generosity, resilience, community engagement, social capital, and capacity building.


Rick Zwann

Rick recently finished his last year of high school in Auckland. He has represented his country at Climate Change negotiations Copenhagen and in Cancun, as part of the New Zealand Youth Delegation on Climate Change. He is a passionate tramper, cyclist and glider pilot. Rick has been an active member of the ReGeneration network since it was lauched in 2009.


Iain Frengley

Iain is a professional filmmaker and co-founder of Splashroom Media. With three major prizes in international film festivals under his belt, he is focussed on making as many films as possible: Films that ask the right questions and promote positive change. The chance to be a part of the road trip and celebrate through film as many inspirational community initiatives as possible is 'a dream project'.


Joshua Vial

Joshua is an entrepreneur with a passion for business, technology and social change. A computer programmer by training and a changemaker by vocation he is the founder of Enspiral and works with not for profits such as Intersect, 350 Aotearoa and Regeneration. Joshua believes that the impact technology is having on how people work together makes a new form of business not only possible but optimal.


Tim Bishop

Tim is keen to find how we can all live well with less reliance on resources and believes that a connected and interdependant communities are the basis for good living. Thanks to times in the mountains with friends he knows that we don't need much to live well. Tim is an engineer and co-chair of Solar Action - the New Zealand Renewable Energy Society and national coordinator of the SHaC - Sustainable Habtitat Challenge.


Lani Evans

Lani is the Co-Convenor of the ReGeneration Project. She is also involved in a number of great organisations and steering groups, including Kia Tutahi, the inspiring Stories Trust, the Generosity Hub, the Port Chalmers Patch (community gardens), RAVE (Respect And Value Everyone), and the Vodafone Foundation World of Difference whanau. Lani is an award winning film-maker and animator and has previously worked as the youthworker and manager for Volunteer Otago.


Billy Matheson

Billy is a designer, educator and changemaker. He has a degree in Industrial Design and a master’s in Adult Education. He has over 10 years experience in the design and facilitation of innovative learning environments. Over the past 2 years he has been focused on developing the ReGeneration network - a nationwide organisation that fosters active citizenship and positive change leadership amongst young New Zealanders.

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