Our Supporters

Projects like ReGeneration simply don't happen without the support of many individuals and organisations. From the very beginning people gave thier time, energy, encouragement and resources to develop the idea, trial the processes and create the infrastrucutre that made ReGeneration possible. Below are just some of the groups of people that we are so grateful to for helping us make it all work.



The Enviroschools Foundation

Enviroschools was our founding partner. ReGeneration was umbrellaed by Enviroschools for the first 18 months of our existence which meant that we could pay attention to innovation and culture building rather than getting distracted by the admin and organisational issues that are such a challenge for new start ups. We would like to thank Heidi, Kristen, Tuihana, Helen, Anke and all the wonderful Regional Coordinators around New Zealand that have supported ReGeneration in so many ways over the years.

For more information check out the Enviroschools website.


The Tindall Foundation

The Tindall Foundation has helped catalyse so many great projects over the years. They not only supported use with funding but with encouragement and strategic advice. A massive thank you to Trevor, Dave, Kate, Evelyn and the team at The Tindall Foundation. A special thank you to Sir Stephen Tindall, both for his vision and for his personal support of our work.

For more information check out The Tindall Foundation website.


The New Zealand Council for Educational Research

NZCER are one of our oldest and most respected research institutions. They supported the launch of ReGeneration by sending two researchers to our first event and by preparing the 'Orgnanising for Emergence' report. Thanks to Robyn Baker, Rachel Bolstad and Josie Roberts for sharing your insights and thinking with us!

For more information check out the NZCER website.


The Todd Foundation

It's one thing to get started, but growing and building on success is another. Support from the Todd Foundation made it possible for ReGeneration to become an independant organisation and build our capacity to deliver innovative projects around New Zealand. Once again this support was not simply financial and we are very grateful to Kate, Seumas and the team at the Todd Foundation for thier advice and encouragement.

For more information check out the Todd Foundation website


The Vodafone Foundaton

We've always felt a special affinity with the Vodafone Foundation. So many of the young leaders involved in ReGeneration over the years have been supported by Vodafone through awesome the World of Difference programme. Vodafone also got behind our 2011 Roadtrip and made it possible for us to hire a coordinator for that project. THANK YOU to Michael, Antony, Annette, Sum, Abbie, Alison and all the team at Vodafone - you guys rock!

For more information on World of Difference check out the Vodafone Foundation website.


The Community Trust of Southland

When we were organising the 2011 ReGeneration Roadtrip we were trying to involve people from all around New Zealand, not just the main centres. Community Trust of Southland made it possible for us to bring a youth worker from Southland on the whole Roadtrip but to offer a number of great events when we were in Southland. Thank you to Alison, John and the whole team for the great work you are doing for the people of Southland!

For more information check out the Community Trust of Southland website.


ASB Community Trust

Film making has been a big part of the ReGeneration journey and we're especially proud of the Making Change DVD and resource booklet. This project was made possible by support from ASB Community Trust in Auckland. Thank you to Kim, Alison, Jenny and the great team at ASB Community Trust for your help in producing this great resource for young changemakers.

For more information check out the ASB Community Trust website.

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