Check out these "90 second" portraits of great changemakers we connected with during our time in this region. We'll be adding to these in the months ahead so watch this space.

Bianca Aldridge - Youth Development Facilitator

Bianca works with young people in South Taranaki. It's a rural area where youth are often isolated and unconnected to those who support them. Bianca helps youth solve issues and work on projects they see are important to their well being. She also helps youth supporters make connections with other communtiy memebers and resources that will help youth.


You can contact Bianca through the South Taranaki District Council website at www.southtaranaki.com

What a great week we had in Taranaki! It started with a dinner hosted by the Taranaki Changemakers group in 'the garage' in Waimea St. After a pot luck dinner we introduced ourselves and shared some stories of the Roadtrip so far.

A total highlight of the week was a visit to Parihaka for the 18th and 19th. Many of our crew had been to Parihaka for the Peace Festivals but to be welcomed onto the different marae and spend a night in the Wharenui Te Niho o te Ati Awa was a real priviledge for all of us. Thank you to all the people at Parihaka for making us feel so welcome.

We filmed five interviews in Taranaki with Paora Joseph, Dave Owens, Glen Bennett, vivian Hutchinson and Bianca Aldridge. You can check out Bianca's interview above. We look forward to having the rest of these great interviews online once we finish the Roadtrip in July.

We had a great day at Highlands Intermediate with the Taranaki Enviroschools crew planting fruit trees, harakeke weaving, learning about Māori medicinal plants, GIS mapping and being part of awesome schools presentations.

On Friday night we held a Community Cafe session at St Mary's Peace Hall. Thanks to everyone who came along to support and for the great conversations that we shared.

The grand finale of an epic week was the Puke Ariki Youth Jam. The 18 young people who came to represent their region we all inspiring individuals and our crew really enjoyed the workshops, games and creative jams about how we can best respond to the future challenges we all face. We are really looking forward to introducing the Taranaki crew to the ReGen network at our next national event. 

Te Niho o Te Atiawa - Parihaka

Te Niho
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