Gisborne     Tairāwhiti

Check out these "90 second" portraits of great changemakers we connected with during our time in this region. We'll be adding to these in the months ahead so watch this space.

Owen R. Lloyd - Commited Civilian

Owen describes himself as a husband, grandfather and father. After 27 years in the Army he is now a commited civilian involved in many community projects and services. Owen encourages us to "Step into the future, take a look around, come back and create it."

The Roadtrip crew really enjoyed the big trip around the East Coast. Lots of horses, a tree across the main road, lots of Marae, small rural towns and beautiful beaches. In Gisborne we stayed the whole week at a renovated Girls Brigade lodge which was great after not spending more than 2 nights in one place for more than a fortnight.

The Inspiring Stories and Global Poverty Project crews both ran workshops at the Matapuna Training centre and were super impressed by committment of the staff and the work happening there. We also visited Gisborne Girls High School and ran a one day Youth Jam with an great group of local young people with the support of the Enviroschools crew and the Gisborne District Council. The film crew recorded another four interviews with local changemakers.

The highlight of the week was the awesome 8x8 presentation night at The Wine Makers Daughter Cafe. There were great local presentations - Emma McFadyen talking about Antactica, Michelle Hight talking about Permaculture, Kirsty MacLaurin talking about Enviroschools and Nikki Kennedy talking about Youth Week in Gisborne - as well as presentations from 4 of our crew.

Before we left town on Saturday we joined in on the "Hands Across the Sand" international day of action to promote a clean energy future. Then the crew headed up to Lake Waikaremoana for a well deserved day of R&R in the beautiful Urewera. It was great to spend some time in this place, listen to the dawn chorus and connect again with some of the rich history of this amazing land.


East Port - Gisborne

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