Making Change Film Project - 2011

In 2011 we received funding from the ASB Community Trust to develop a short film about young environmental changemakers in Auckland and Northland. With the help of our networks we were able to assemble a group of seven awesome young leaders who are doing great work to restore habitats, reduce our waste and energy use, preserve our natural environment and promote conservation globally. The ReGeneration Trust would like to thank everyone who participated in the film, not just for the amazing work they are doing but for sharing thier stories with us and now with you. We hope you enjoy the film



Aiden McClean - 17

Aiden is a volunteer on Motutapu Island, a 1000 hectare habitat reconstruction project in the middle of the Waitemata Harbour.


Amand Judd - 25

Amanda is the founder of “Lovenotes”, an innovative social enterprise that reuses waste paper to create designer stationary.


Ben Dowdle - 18

Ben has the ambitious goal of empowering consumers by making palm oil labelling madatory on all commercial food products in New Zealand.


Luke Carey - 17

Luke is a staunch advocate for a better pulic transport system for Auckland City and beleives everybody has a role designing the future.


Helen Tuitevake - 16

Helen and the crew at Tamaki College are leading the way in the conservation of electricity with their “switch off” campaign.


Issabella Lenihan-Ikin - 14

Issey and the Wastewise group at Western Springs College are leading the charge on sustainability and minimising waste to landfill in their school.


Ting Yiu - 23

Ting works with the crew at “Experienceing Marine Reserves” where she helps young people get a first hand look at the amazing life in our oceans.


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