Kia Ora! Welcome to ReGeneration

The ReGeneration project was launched in February 2009 and developed through a number of iterations until it's completion in May 2013. The project was created to support a new generation of 'young changemakers' in thier transition from secondary education into work, further study and volunteering opportunities.

This website chronicles the development of the ReGeneration project and attemps to present some of what we learned along the way. Some of the tools, ideas and ways of working are original but most were things that we were given or found or put together as we went. Our intention here is to share this knowledge in the same spirit of generosity that was shown to us by amazing people all around New Zealand and from people involved in similar initiatives in other countries. We hope that these ideas are useful to your organisation, your community, and to you personally as you develop new projects, now and in the future.

To the thousands of people who came to our events, volunteered, sponsored, supported professionally or personally, we can only say a huge THANK YOU! The project simply would not have happend without you and you made a real difference to our lives as organisers and the lives of hundreds of young New Zealanders.



A Network of Young Changemakers

At it's simplest the ReGeneration project can be desribed as an independant network of young changemakers. This was a group of dedicated New Zealanders working to create positive change in thier communities, workplaces, families, schools and the natural environment. The network provided support for each others work through practical projects, a calander of innovative events, the production of digital and print media and of course online social networking.

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